Jesus Says Lame Duck President Needs Prayers

Holy Love Ministry

November 24, 2016
Thanksgiving Day

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Today, I am thankful that the people of this country rose up and united in support of the Truth. Never before has the entire world been so jeopardized by the politics of one man – your now lame duck president. While I am thankful, as you should be too, for the turn of events in this election, I am asking your continued prayer effort that your current president does not multiply his errors before he leaves office.”

“This is what happens when a person executes his office for himself and not for the welfare of the people. Power, influence and legacy become the impetus of all decisions.”

“You have seen the power of prayer in this election. Have faith that every prayer and sacrifice, no matter how small, is significant. Together, we can bring the president-elect safely into office to repair the broken vessel that is this nation.”


Prophet John Leary

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Jesus said: “My people, just as you are seeing a change in the seasons from fall to winter, so you will be seeing a big change in your government away from the socialism of your current President. This will happen as long as the one world people do not intervene with your President-Elect’s agenda. There will be turmoil with this change, and you need to pray that there is no violence. Even still, you will continue to see an increasing persecution of Christians. In the Gospel I told you that I would be rejected when I suffered on the cross. So My people will also have to suffer the coming tribulation before you will see your reward in My Era of Peace. Be ready to endure this trial as you are protected at My refuges. You know the Antichrist will be allowed a brief reign, but trust in Me because I will bring My victory over the evil ones, when they are cast into hell.”

Jesus said: “My people, your own citizens elected your President-Elect, so this is how you transfer power at your National elections. For people to be protesting, it is not how your country should react to an election. There may be different desires for who should win, but once it is over, people should accept the outcome. There is a possibility that the same people who were protesting the Trump rallies, are now protesting his fair election. If you see exceptional riots and disturbances, this could be fomented by the one world people who do not want a Republican President to hold office. There is a possibility that there will be an attempt to declare martial law to deny your President-Elect from taking office. Pray that this does not happen.”

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Jesus said: “My people, you have witnessed a miracle and the surprise outcome that I spoke to you about with your President-Elect Trump’s win. I and your people have answered your prayer for this outcome. It is your people who rose up against your establishment that have held your people hostage for so long. Your people have spoken at the ballot box, and some prayers of thanksgiving are in order. It is the reaction of your establishment that you need to be concerned about now. You need to continue your prayers that you do not see a martial law reaction, and prayers that your new President-Elect is not assassinated. The evil ones among your establishment are going to strike back, and you need prayers and My power to protect the choice of your people. Pray also that these power people do not ruin your economy for revenge. America is standing up against abortion and socialism by this election. Now the Supreme Court can be filled with people who could change the laws that are against Me. This is an opportunity that America must take advantage of, or you could suffer the consequences.”


Locutions To The World

April 25, 2014
President Obama’s Ideology


All of these destructive events should not be happening this quickly.  The timetable has been moved up because America has withdrawn from the world scene.  All of this is due to the ideology placed deeply in the heart of President Obama.  He rejects my plan for America.  I blessed America so it would be strong and dominant and be a light to the nations and assume the role of a watchman.

He rejects my plans because of an ideology placed in his heart as a youth.  For him, American dominance is the problem.  For him, America has to be lowered in stature and become just an equal among other nations.  This totally contradicts my plans for world peace.  His actions show that American withdrawal allows the seeds of violence to grow unchecked.

America has elected a president whose heart is totally against all that I raised up America to be. So, I will not protect him, I will not support him.  Except when America’s good is at stake, I will allow him to walk his own path.  He will not have my blessings or my protections.  He is on more dangerous ground that he can ever imagine.

June 2, 2014
Our Lady’s Three Sorrows (Special Locution)


I have three sorrows.  The first is President Obama.  It is not that he has turned away from me because he has never really known me or claimed to be my son.  He is my sorrow because he has such great power and controls so many people by evil.  They rejoice in their evil and he protects the evil for them.  He is their great advocate and they see him as safeguarding their evil.  Because he controls so many, he is my great sorrow.

His hands clutch many things, but I will beat upon his hands and loosen his grasp.  He will not possess great power.  I will do this through the scandals.  There will be more and greater scandals.  In trying to extricate himself, he will only get more entangled.

My second sorrow is the growth of terrorism.  In this release of five prisoners, the terrorists see a victory.  Terrorism grows because America has withdrawn from the fight.  To fight terrorism comes with a high price but there will be a higher price to pay if its advance is not stopped.  Now, no real fight is being waged.  The terrorists have free access and no fear of America.

My third sorrow is the Church and my enemies within the Church who constantly refuse to accept me as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.  They deny me my rightful place, even though they profess to be my sons.  They are depriving my Church of the full light and causing it to operate in semi-darkness.