Opinion Piece: Praying for President-Elect Donald Trump’s Safety

Opinion Piece: Praying for President-Elect Donald Trump’s Safety

By a soul

On November 26th, I posted three videos that really got me thinking about our new President-Elect Donald Trump and his safety in office.  The videos can be viewed through this link:

(11/26/16) Videos – September 11th Cover-Up And Donald Trump

The reason that I am concerned is because prior to viewing these videos about September 11th, I never really gave much thought about conspiracy theories surrounding 9-11.  To even think 9-11 might have been deliberately planned by elements of the American government was unconscionable to me.  4000 people died on 9-11 and it is too horrifying to think that any patriotic American would support this—Americans killing Americans.

But, after viewing the three videos I posted, now, I am making an about-face in my earlier conclusions on this matter.  It is hard after seeing the videos to not conclude that there IS, in fact, a conspiracy at the highest levels of our federal government.

A huge conspiracy that involves our U.S. Presidents, our intelligence agencies, the mainstream media, etc.  It is deeply troubling.

The first video takes place in the days after 9-11.  An expert in high-rise construction, Donald Trump is interviewed about his thoughts on the collapse of the Twin Towers in New York City.  Trump makes a startling claim that only bombs could have collapsed the Twin Towers, because of how they were constructed with steel used on the outside walls of the buildings, etc.

The video resurfaced recently because of the election of Trump and has gone viral on YouTube.

The second and third videos are more equally disturbing.

The second video is of a BBC News reporter reporting on the very day of 9-11 on the collapse of World Trade Center #7 BEFORE it collapsed.  In the report, one can see the WTC 7 building standing in the background as the reporter is speaking 20 minutes BEFORE it happened.

The third video is of then U.S. President George W. Bush in the days after 9-11.  President Bush is conducting a press conference and he makes a slip of the tongue—live on television—and says that high-level explosives were used in the collapse of the Twin Towers.

President Bush stumbles in the words he is using as one can see that he is immediately trying to correct the mistake he makes on live television before the news reporters.

Isolated, on their own, one could argue there is no conspiracy, but taken together, the videos are very powerful.  On the second video of the BBC News reporter, it took me multiple attempts to download the video from YouTube, as apparently the video keeps getting pulled off of YouTube, etc.  Finally, I was able to locate—after much searching—a “clean” web video that I could convert to an appropriate format for use on the blog, Believers4Trump

I saved the second video to the blog, because I knew it would likely disappear or get tampered like the other ones I tried to download on YouTube.  So, the video is now “safe” in my blog archives.

Now, I am a person who tries my best not to think badly or poorly of others.  I also have a healthy “skepticism” on conspiracy theories.  I keep an open mind as I await what remains to be seen, etc.  I had an “ambivalent” view towards President Bush, although I have been very grateful that he was pro-life, etc.

But, now?  I wonder about him after seeing that video I posted.  I never agreed with the Iraq War and now, I question his motivations for taking our country into war.  I know that there were no nuclear weapons found in Iraq, but now, I wonder…  Was the Iraq War all about finishing what his father could not accomplish the first time?  Was it all about Saddam Hussein and oil?  Greed?

Also, I have been thinking a lot about a few prophecies that I posted on the main blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, on September 2nd.  They are messages from Our Lord, Jesus Christ, given to American visionary, Jennifer, back in 2004-2005 (http://www.wordsfromjesus.com).  Here is the link to the post:

(9/2/16): Will this prophecy be fulfilled? “The one chosen to lead” (USA)

The reason I bring up these particular prophecies, is because Jesus tells us in the messages about an assassination that takes place in the USA with one of our presidents—“the one chosen to lead”.

As I have said before in my commentaries, prophecy is imperfect and often given so it does NOT get fulfilled.  Also, I do not know if this unfulfilled prophecy has passed already since it was given twelve years ago…  But, coupled with the knowledge that President-Elect Donald Trump intends to “drain the swamp” in Washington D.C., I am very concerned about his safety.

After seeing the September 11th videos, I have realized how immense the power is wielded by the “globalists” bent on shaping a new world order.  I thought it was “bad enough” when I saw all the Wikileaks news on Hillary Clinton during the presidential election campaign—her ties to satanism and the occult, child trafficking, etc.

But, truly, if the American public and, indeed, the world can be tricked about 9-11—if there truly is a conspiracy—I have really underestimated how powerful the globalists really are.

And so, my heart is with God, Our Lord and Our Lady.  I trust in Their words about the amount of good that Donald Trump will accomplish and bring to our country and the world.  But, I have re-doubled my efforts in prayer for Donald Trump’s safety, because he is really going to be tackling the whole world while he is in office.  The whole world—the globalists—are against him.

Please pray for our president-elect.  Please pray for his safety.

Donald Trump needs a lot of prayer to do all he can for the Greater Glory of God.

God bless!