Prophecy, Free-Will, Pope Francis, and America // Parables and the Apocalypse

NOTE: There are two commentaries with downloadable documents on this webpage. The first is called, “Prophecy, Free-Will, Pope Francis, and America.” The second is further down the page and it is called, “Parables and the Apocalypse.”


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Prophecy, Free-Will, Pope Francis, and America

By a soul

(written on the Feast of Our Lady of Grace, 2017)

I, a soul, am writing this short commentary, because I feel compelled to explain some truths that most people do not understand. These truths are about prophecy, free-will, Pope Francis, and America. Let me begin…

Firstly, about Original Sin, most believe that it was inevitable that Adam and Eve would sin against God by eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. That belief is false. It was not inevitable that Adam and Eve would fall.

Adam and Eve were given free-will in order to prove their love for Our Heavenly Father. God the Father envisioned a future in which all children of Adam and Eve would be sinless and holy. God the Father had great hope that Adam and Eve would not fall, although Our Lord was aware of the possibility of Original Sin.

God is aware of both the best and worse outcome to every decision and every situation. God the Almighty is aware of every possibility to every circumstance on earth. Our Lord hoped for the best for Adam and Eve. Hell existed for the fallen angels and not mankind. Unfortunately, Adam and Eve did sin, and because they were the representative head of the human family, all of mankind has been born in sin (except Our Lady). And sin will continue to exist until the Second Coming of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

If Adam and Eve had not sinned, then every child of mankind would have been born in a state of grace and would have eternal life with God. Every child would have been born and raised knowing about God. And because every child would have been raised intimately knowing God, at the age of reason (about 7 years old), every child would choose eternal life. Because of all the graces they would have received from God during their childhood, it would have been impossible for any child of Adam and Eve to sin against God.

Alas, the salvation of the entire human race rested in Adam and Eve, the representative head of the family of God. In a message given through Holy Family Refuge (, God the Father revealed that Adam and Eve had spent many years in intimate friendship with God before their love was tested by satan. Sadly, Adam and Eve chose poorly, and this tragedy resulted in many children of God being lost to hell due to the gift of free-will.

But, the sin of Adam and Eve was not inevitable in the Divine Plan of Our Heavenly Father. From the start of Creation and the foundation of the world, God the Father envisioned every child of God in the Book of Life. This fact was revealed in another message given through Holy Family Refuge. It was always the Divine Plan of the Most Holy Trinity that God the Son would Incarnate as a Man-God and would be the King of Mankind and the Angels. But, when Adam and Eve sinned, Our Heavenly Father asked God the Son if He would be the Savior of Mankind and God the Son accepted this additional role to save all mankind from eternal death.

But, it took several centuries for Our Heavenly Father to adequately prepare mankind for this pivotal moment in the history of mankind. Then, in the fullness of time, God the Son Incarnated as a Man-God calling Himself, “Jesus the Christ,” which means, “God Saves, the Messiah.”

When Jesus Incarnated as a Man-God, He always knew that He was the chosen Messiah of God. But, there always existed two realities for the future of mankind. The first reality was that the Jews would accept Him as the chosen Messiah and Jesus would begin His Reign on earth; the second reality was that the Jews would not accept Him and His Kingship. Unfortunately, the second reality took place and Our Heavenly Father revealed to His Divine Son during His public ministry that it would be necessary for Him to die to save mankind from eternal death. Although Jesus knew of this future possibility, it finally became the reality in the Garden of Gethsemane, when Jesus prayed in hope to His Heavenly Father that this Cup would pass, and His Heavenly Father replied by silence, because it was breaking His Paternal Heart to say “no” to His Divine Son. Jesus then sweat His Most Precious Blood accepting this truth. These facts were revealed through heavenly messages given in Locutions To The World.

But, after the Resurrection and Ascension of Our Lord, mankind was given another opportunity to participate in the Divine Plan. Although the Jews did not accept His Divine Son, Our Heavenly Father held great hope in His Paternal Heart that the testimony of the Twelve Apostles and the many disciples, including St. Paul, would convert the Jews and would bring resulting peace to the world. Alas, the Jews did not convert from their testimony. And so, when St. John was the last living Apostle, Our Heavenly Father made the decision to impart the Book of Revelation (Apocalypse) to St. John to prepare the world for the next pivotal moment when the Divine Plan could be offered again to all of mankind as the dearly beloved children of God.

We have now arrived at the next pivotal moment in the history of mankind for the fulfillment of the Divine Plan. We have arrived at the threshold of the Second Coming of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. The First Seal of the Apocalypse has been broken and we are now living in the Great Tribulation as revealed at Holy Love Ministry (

We are now awaiting the next stage of the Divine Plan—The Great Warning (Illumination of Conscience) as prophesied by Our Lady of Garabandal. The Warning will be a crucial moment in the history of mankind. Currently, over 6 billion souls are living in mortal sin on earth and are subject to God’s Holy Wrath with eternal death in hell as revealed at Holy Love Ministry. However, in the Book of Truth given to Maria Divine Mercy, Our Lord has promised salvation for 5 billion living souls and is asking for prayers for the 2 billion souls that are currently lost. Almost 4 billion living souls are at stake—in the balance swinging between eternal life and eternal death.

Right now, there are two possibilities for the future of mankind. There is the best outcome and the worse outcome—both possible due to free-will given to every soul living on earth. Most people do not understand this truth. This is why there is inconsistency between prophetic events given in heavenly messages to different chosen messengers. God and Our Lady are preparing for both the best and the worse outcome for mankind before and after The Great Warning. This is why the prophecies are inconsistent between messages given to Prophet John Leary (, Holy Love Ministry, Locutions To The World, and the Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy). God and Our Lady are preparing for the free-will decisions of mankind.

The messages of chosen messengers should never be evaluated as truth on whether a certain prophecy is fulfilled or fails to happen. Given prophecy should never be a factor in discernment of spirits. Instead, heavenly messages need to be evaluated on whether they are in-line with Catholic Teachings, Dogma, and Doctrine. I, a soul, have always done this with heavenly messages, placing fulfilled prophecy on a lesser scale of importance in my discernment of spirits. This is why I promote the various messengers that I do on my blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, although I recognized that there might be inconsistencies between the different bodies of heavenly messages. I have always left it up to God to reveal the truth at The Great Warning, giving Him my trust that things would come together in the end in His Divine Timing and not mine. And because I have always done this, I am now able to write down for Our Lord and Our Lady many insights that have been given me about the Divine Plan in various commentaries, such as this one.

4 billion souls living on earth are at stake. One of those souls is Pope Francis.

Pope Francis has been identified as the False Prophet of the Apocalypse. This has been revealed by Our Lord and Our Lady to Maria Divine Mercy in the Book of Truth. But, we have been encouraged by Our Lord and Our Lady to pray for the salvation of Pope Francis in the Book of Truth, and I do not believe that this hope is being offered in vain to us on earth. In fact, in the first Litany Prayer from Our Lord in the Book of Truth, which is supposed to be recited publicly after The Great Warning before the Blessed Sacrament in Adoration, these words are given:

…Dearest Jesus, cover us with Your Precious Blood.

Dearest Jesus, open our eyes to the lies of the False Prophet.

Dearest Jesus unite Your Church.

Jesus protect our Sacraments.

Jesus don’t let the False Prophet divide Your Church…”

Also, in a message about the litanies, Our Lord has said:

“…The Love of God will shine down on all those who ask My Father to stop the antichrist from inflicting terrible suffering on humanity.

You must pray hard that he is cut down along with the False Prophet quickly.

You, My followers, will be given special Crusade prayer litanies to break down and weaken his power.

These must be said daily after The Warning and, ideally, during Adoration of the Holy Eucharist.

These litanies, designed to destroy the antichrist and his army, will be a powerful force and if enough souls join in these prayers they will be instrumental in disrupting much of the plans being perpetrated by the antichrist and the False Prophet…”


…Be patient. Trust in me and know that the love that My Eternal Father has for His children is insurmountable and beyond your comprehension.

Love and trust in His great love and know that the power of My Divine Mercy is so strong that when it envelopes the whole of humanity that billions will convert.

That will be when the power of the Holy Spirit, which will surge through the majority of the souls of God’s children, will become an intolerable burden for the antichrist.

He will find it difficult to penetrate the armour of God’s army.

This is why you must never give up hope. The battle for souls could be shortened and mitigated if enough souls convert and do as I instruct them.

I love you all and I hope you trust in Me always.”


These words that I have shared from Our Lord give us hope not to despair. I truly believe that Pope Francis will be given a genuine chance to return back to Our Lord during The Great Warning (Illumination of Conscience). I truly believe that Pope Francis has a chance to convert and be a great example of God’s Mercy. Pope Francis has a real opportunity to participate in doing great works for God. One of those great works is the Consecration of Russia to avoid a nuclear war.

Pope Francis is not lost yet.

Currently, Our Lord has promised six weeks of relative peace for conversion before all of hell breaks out after The Great Warning takes place. This six week period has been promised in many messages given to the Prophet John Leary. However, I genuinely believe that this period of six weeks of peace can be increased by the power of prayer, as well as the complete conversion of Pope Francis achieved by prayers by the Remnant Faithful.

Within a year after The Warning takes place, the Great Miracle of Garabandal will be announced and occur at the Pines. By sheer unmerited grace, I was told by St. Gabriel the Archangel what the Great Miracle of Garabandal is earlier this year in January. It was during a period of time that many truths were being given to me and I was being tested in my discernment of spirits by God through much spiritual warfare with satan. And due to intercessory prayer of followers of this blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, I have been blessed with much peace to be able to convey these thoughts to you all through different commentaries. Thank you so much for your continuing prayers!

I do not know when The Great Warning or the Great Miracle of Garabandal will happen. But, I do know that we need to pray very much that God increases the weeks of peace that will be given after The Warning, so mankind can make it safely to see the Miracle of Garabandal. According to the visionary, Conchita, the Miracle of Garabandal will be able to be televised and photographed. That means that it will be able to be televised around the world when it happens and many will be converted because of it.

I also know that every person who is physically present at the Great Miracle will be healed and converted back to God, regardless of their beliefs or doubts. The success of the Great Miracle is crucial to the Divine Plan of Our Heavenly Father. I also know that Our Heavenly Father commands Pope Francis to be physically present at the Great Miracle because it will convert his heart and answer all of his lingering doubts after The Warning. (And yes, “command” was the exact word that was conveyed to me by God).

Much of the destiny of the world rests in a few leaders. One of them is Pope Francis. We need to pray for him everyday and especially hard, after The Great Warning, in the litany prayer, as I indicated earlier. His total conversion can change the direction of the world.

Finally, I know that many of my blog followers are preparing in earnest for the time of the refuges as revealed to Prophet John Leary. However, there is a greater need to pray for the United States of America to follow the Divine Will of Our Heavenly Father by fulfilling its role as a sanctuary nation for Christianity. This request has been asked for in several messages given at Holy Love Ministry. Please, my fellow Americans, please pray for this special intention of Our Lady, that this request becomes a reality, so refuges will not be needed in America due to martial law. Please pray for U.S. President Donald Trump and his holy mission. Please pray for peace.

The reason that Our Heavenly Father desires America to become a sanctuary nation for Christianity, is because Our Lord and Our Lady are raising up this Great Holy Nation to challenge Babylon, which has been revealed in the Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy) to be the European Union with Rome becoming the seat of the antichrist. However, Our Lady desires that our country remain free and prosper as a Christian nation, so that it can convey Holy Love to the rest of the world. America needs to return back to its Christian roots and remain free, so it can convey to the rest of the world, the Great Miracle of Garabandal and the Secrets of Medjugorje. America as a sanctuary nation is critical to the success of the Divine Plan for Fatima (consecration of Russia to avoid nuclear war), Garabandal, and Medjugorje. Please pray for these special intentions of the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady.

And so, I hope that this short commentary helps people understand a bit more about the spiritual war that is taking place right now between Heaven and hell. I hope that many people are blessed by God.

I love you all.

a soul


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Holy Family Refuge Messages

December 3, 2016

Come Holy Trinity and all of Heaven with God the Father’s words to His children,

My most beloved son, this is God the Father of Heaven and earth. I come to teach My children about the prophets and messengers of the past and today. My prophets and messengers are to warn My children of what is going to happen if they do not listen to My warnings. I have been sending My Mother and Son often the last few years to warn my people of future events if they keep living in satan’s sin. My prophets are not supposed to be right in the outcome of what they say. Their messages are warnings to you of what will happen if My children do not listen and turn back to the Ten Commandments.

Look at Jonah in the Bible and all the other prophets that came to warn My people. If the people listened to the prophets, the chastisement could be lessened and changed. But, if they did not listen to the prophets, all the warnings happened as I said. I keep warning My children just as a good father on earth keeps warning his children to save their souls. You cannot live in sin like America and all the world are living in sin very long without paying for it. Prayer can still lessen some of the effects of what is about to befall America and if the majority of the people would get on their knees and beg My forgiveness and put the Ten Commandments back into everything, some of the natural and physical disasters could be lessened.

I was very happy with your election but you must pray every day for your new leaders and pray hard because satan is like a wild dog cornered and he will do anything to kill and maim My children now. But remember that I am God the Father and I am in control and satan can do only what I permit because of the sins of My children. That is what free will permits, My children can save the world or destroy the world by the choices they make with the free will I give to them. You can take the free will I give to you and throw it back into My face and give it to satan and destroy the world and suffer much, or you can live in My Ten Commandments and give Me and your neighbor love, honesty and peace and save the world and be happy.

I am no different than a loving father who corrects his children over and over until the day he has to say, ‘enough is enough’ and he takes everything away from the children to teach them a lesson and then they have to say ‘yes’ to their father or ‘no’ to their father or go out and suffer the consequences of the evil world.

Please, My children change soon and go to Confession as Catholics or get down on your knees before Christmas and ask forgiveness for your sins with a forgiving heart or else pay the price of deep suffering. And, pray for all sinners because all My children are sinners because of original sin. Love, love, and more love, God the Father of Heaven and earth. Thanks, My son for writing. I love all My children very much.


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Special Commentary – Parables and the Apocalypse – By a soul (PDF)

Special Commentary – Parables and the Apocalypse – By a soul (ODT)

Special Commentary – Parables and the Apocalypse – By a soul (WordDoc)

Special Commentary:
Parables and the Apocalypse

By a soul

(written on the Feast of Our Lady of Safety, 2017)

A few days ago, I wrote a short commentary called, “Prophecy, Free-Will, Pope Francis, and America” (, in which I explained some truths about the Divine Plan that most people do not understand. This short commentary will be a continuation of those thoughts, as I wish to explain a few more truths that, again, most people do not understand. This time I will be explaining about the use of parables by Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and apocalyptic language in Holy Scripture.

Firstly, about parables… Our Lord, Jesus Christ, often spoke to the crowds and His disciples in parables. Besides being an excellent way to teach people the basic faith by examples, there is another important reason that Our Lord chose to speak in parables. The reason is satan.

Most people do not understand this fundamental truth. Whenever Our Lord spoke to the crowds and His disciples, He was addressing two audiences. The first audience was humanity; the second audience was satan and his devils. satan was always present to Our Lord. he never left Him alone. In fact, it can even be said that satan was a more “devout” follower of Our Lord than the disciples. satan was always listening to the words of Our Lord, studying and analyzing them, to decipher the Divine Plan.

Our Lord did not speak in parables to “make things harder” for mankind to figure out. No, Our Lord spoke as simply as He could so people could understand Him, but Jesus was always cognizant of satan’s presence. He spoke in parables so satan in his superior intellect would not guess the intentions and next steps of the Divine Plan of Our Heavenly Father. In fact, as revealed in mystical revelation, satan did not figure out about God’s Plan for the Resurrection until The Cross was raised at Calvary. And when he did figure it out, satan and the devils panicked. satan had the crowds at Calvary taunt Jesus to come down from The Cross. Then, satan had the Jews ask the Romans to station soldiers at the tomb so, he could foil the Resurrection. But, God caused an earthquake to occur that scared the soldiers away. Bringing about Jesus’ Death was satan’s greatest mistake.

Likewise, whenever there is a heavenly intervention on earth, such as a message being given to a visionary, satan is always present, analyzing every word for a clue on Heaven’s next steps. People need to be cognizant that whenever Our Lady is speaking to a visionary, She is also speaking to satan. This is what happened in Fall 2015 in regards to the heavenly messages of Locutions To The World. I wrote about this fact in 2015 in this commentary, “Failed Prophecy – Economic Collapse – Believing In Locutions To The World” (

During early September 2015, Our Lady made a startling prediction in a message of Locutions To The World. Our Lady predicted that later in the month, when Pope Francis would be visiting America, there would be a worldwide economic collapse. Our Lady also stated that God did not desire that this economic collapse happen, because there was no good purpose for it—satan wanted to manifest his superior power over the human race by bringing the collapse about during a moment when the Catholic Church was the focal point of world news. God did not want the economic collapse, but He was allowing it because of the level of sin in the world. Then, Our Lady said something very important in another message. Our Lady said that due to the economic collapse, millions of people would start believing in the messages of Locutions To The World.

Now, let’s examine Our Lady’s words more closely. Our Lady said that millions of people would convert by believing in Locutions To The World. How do you think satan reacted when he heard those words of Our Lady? Do you think that he took that matter lightly? Losing millions of souls that were under his control? It was a gauntlet challenge by Our Lady to satan(!). Our Lady basically said to satan, if you proceed in harming My children by bringing about this economic collapse, I will convert millions to Heaven’s side.

Our Lady has also said in messages in Locutions To The World that God does not like to chastise His children, but He only permits chastisements to occur, to prevent greater harm to His children. Our Lady has used the example of a doctor amputating a leg to prevent greater harm (death) for a patient. But, more souls are saved during times of peace and more souls are lost during times of crisis. So, God and Our Lady always strive to prevent crisis and disasters by maintaining peace, so more souls will be saved.

And so, this is what Our Lady was striving to do with this gauntlet challenge to satan. And satan being the prideful monster that he is, could not stand the fact of loosing millions of souls under his grasp. satan is furious when he looses one soul to Our Lady—I cannot even imagine his fury at loosing millions of souls.

So, satan backed down—which is exactly what Our Lady and God wanted. The economic collapse did not take place and Our Lady won—although it looked like to humanity that She lost because many people stopped believing in Locutions To The World and the Church stopped promoting them publicly. But, Our Lady won, because She gained more time for the Divine Plan of Our Heavenly Father to unfold and saved many people whose spirits would have been crushed due to a worldwide economic collapse. Our Lady won.

And so, the presence of satan should always be remembered and considered whenever there is a heavenly intervention on earth. Likewise, one of the primary reasons that biblical prophecy is given in such symbolic, apocalyptic language that makes it a bit hard to interpret is because of satan. God is well-aware that He has two audiences listening—mankind and satan and his devils. God wants to provide guidance to His children, while at the same time, prevent satan from figuring out the next steps of the Divine Plan.

For example, Our Lady revealed in the messages of Locutions To The World, that satan did not know that he would be conquered by a woman (Our Lady). Until recent revelations such as Holy Love Ministry (, satan did not know that God joined Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart to Her Son’s Most Sacred Heart at the Annunication. So much so, that both Hearts are United as One. And because satan did not know this, during these past two thousand years, he never prepared for this important part of the Divine Plan. That is why he is trying his best to have heavenly messages such as Locutions To The World and Holy Love Ministry buried under controversy, because he does not want their central themes to be widely known and accepted by the Church.

In conclusion, I want to spend a moment discussing the Two Witnesses of the Book of Revelation, Chapter 11—a topic that has interested me for some time. Traditionally, the Two Witnesses have been believed to be St. Elijah the Prophet and Enoch of the Old Testament, because Holy Scripture never speaks about them physically dying and there is some mystical revelations from various Saints throughout the ages where Our Lord mentions the Two Witnesses being Elijah and Enoch.

However, modern day prophecy that I believe in has provided different answers as to the identity of the Two Witnesses. For example, in the Book of Truth, Our Lord revealed to 7th Messenger, Maria Divine Mercy, that Elijah and Enoch will not be physically present during the Great Tribulation, but their “spirits” will fill the Two Witnesses, which is the House of Israel and Christians. This is supported by revelation given at Holy Love Ministry, in which St. Thomas Aquinas revealed that Elijah had died—his soul residing in Heaven. And then, in mystical revelation to Vassula Ryden (True Life In God), Our Lord revealed that the Two Witnesses are both Elijah (“Prophecy”) and Moses (“Law”), as well as the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Finally, in mystical revelation given to Servant of God, Maria Valtorta (Poem of the Man-God), Our Lord revealed that the Two Witnesses are two extraordinary individuals, not Elijah or Enoch or Moses. Rather, Our Lord said: “In my two witnesses are concealed all the masters in faith: pontiffs, bishops, the inspired, doctors of the Church, and souls pervaded by the Light and by the Voice. With their voices purified of every human timbre, they have proclaimed Me and the truth of my doctrine and have set a seal of holiness, pain, and even blood as confirmation of their voices…”

And as I was pondering these differences recently, the Holy Spirit revealed something about the Two Witnesses to me. The Holy Spirit revealed to me the two primary reasons why the Lord has said the Two Witnesses are Elijah and Enoch, the Jews and the Christians, the Most Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart, etc. The first primary reason is satan. The Lord wanted to prevent people from thinking that they were the Two Witnesses throughout the ages by being abused by satan. The Lord also wanted to protect the two individuals who are indeed the Two Witnesses from heightened attacks by satan before they became aware of their missions for the Lord. The Lord did not want satan to know who the Two Witnesses are before their appointed time in the Divine Plan.

And the second primary reason is for the sake of the virtue of humility. The Two Witnesses of Revelation, Chapter 11, are indeed two extraordinary individuals, as revealed to Servant of God, Maria Valtorta. However, because these two individuals have such an extraordinary mission of Biblical importance, there exists the great temptation by satan to pride. And so, the Lord has been protecting their humility from satan.

I do not know who the Two Witnesses are, although I have pondered this question in various commentaries (See: The Divine Plan: The New Jerusalem And The Two Witnesses, I do believe, though, that whoever they are, they will be commissioned by Our Lord at The Great Warning (Illumination of Conscience).

Meanwhile, I hope that this short commentary has been helpful in understanding basic truths commonly misunderstood by people. God bless!